Some Great Authors Appearing in CCa2z

We will have some of the best contact centre author-experts appearing in CCa2z, sharing their knowledge and insight into contact centre managment. Experts include, Brad Cleveland, known globally as one of today’s foremost experts in customer strategy and management. Brad was one of the initial partners in and former President and CEO of the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI).

Other Experts, but to name a few, include Greg Levin, who has been researching, reporting on and satirizing contact centers and customer care since 1994. Known for his unique sense of humor, sharp wit and bold opinions about the state of customer contact management...

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Welcome to the Call Centre Encyclopedia

It is our aspiration to bring to you the compilation of the finest and most extensive collection of call centre and customer service knowledge, white papers, case studies and toolkits, many of which, are free to download. We will be bringing you best practices from the customer contact arena from resource planning, coaching, performance improvement audits and benchmarks.

There will be an on-going development programme to support you in the delivery of operational effectiveness and creating great customer...

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The Operations Centre

Get around the operations centre to find your available resources by 'hovering' over any of the encyclopedia 'letter' tabs above. The pop-up will offer you the first few Category and Subject listings - hit the 'view all' link to see the full list of each.

Don't forget the Categories act as 'folders' for their subjects, so there are a number of points of entry. Once you have picked your subject, you are on your way to it's resources.

Another smart way to get around is by selecting your category from the 'carousel' on the...

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Call Centre Dynamics

Get to grips with the volumes and forecasts for your centre, whether you want to improve performance or launch a new service, from annual to intra-day profiles – take a look at compendium.

Are you tracking performance historically and in real-time? Whether or not you have Workforce Management in place, take a look at some of the best practices.

What ACD reports are you, or should you, be looking at? Do you understand the dynamics and KPIs of today's centres? Find all the answers in Call...

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Are You a Service Provider?

If you provide services to the customer contact industry and whether you are a technology vendor, outsourcer, trainer, recruiter or even an interim manager - get listed in the Service Directory.

Directory listings are free. Users can search by CCa2z subject, your expertise & country. When users select a subject one of the available subject resources is suppliers. Suppliers get to choose the Category of Subjects they can be associated with – they will then appear in the subject’s supplier resource once the subject has been selected. To get listed...

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So what do you Need to Know?

Is it about technology and what services are available in the cloud? Do you need to understand how to optimise live chat in your centre?

How are you going to improve your customer’s journey? What will you do to develop call avoidance strategies and improve first contact resolution?

How will you manage quality assurance or even improve agent adherence? How will you track and improve service level performance. The call centre encyclopedia has been designed to support you in optimising your your centre to deliver world class.

You will find all the solutions and much...

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Aspect Supplier Showcase

Answering Machine Detection: Aspect... view

Productive Workforce: Aspect Software:... view

Advanced Quality Analysis: Aspect... view

Current File for Download

From time to time you will be able to download material here.

Current Toolkit for Download - Call Monitoring Form

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The CCa2z Team

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