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It is our aspiration to bring to you the compilation of the finest and most extensive collection of call centre and customer service knowledge, white papers, case studies and toolkits, many of which, are free to download. We will be bringing you best practices from the customer contact arena from resource planning, coaching, performance improvement audits and benchmarks.

There will be an on-going development programme to support you in the delivery of operational effectiveness and creating great customer experiences.

Your contributions to the knowledge centre will be invaluable in becoming an author and/or expert – see the main menu links. With the use of relational databases, you will find it easy, once you’ve looked around, to get the knowledge and information you are looking for. You will find Categories full of Subjects which are laden with Resources.

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We do hope you find this resource compliments your other web-portals. Drop us a note to tell us what you would like to see as the site develops.

Please keep revisiting as we continue to add material.

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