Having managed contact centres in a number of sectors, it is great to see a site, dedicated to supporting operational management and best practice.  Contact centres are great places to manage but many managers today have fallen into the role without the necessary grooming. It is certainly a place where you need the know-how, to manage staff, in what sometimes, can be a stressful environment, delivering service level with quality.

The call centre arena continues to be one of the fastest growing global sectors, yet is still very much embryonic.  The growth of the sector has meant that it is running faster than the skill-set behind it.

Contact centre management has developed it’s own professional identity and specialism and this how-to site, serves well to deliver best practice.

There continues to be an enormous hunger for knowledge in the profession and whilst there are many sites available, there is the absence of real operational information and resources.  This site is so well thought-out and arranged that it is relatively easy to find what you need.

This is a site that complements many good sites and you should bookmark it now and start using some of the tools.  I will certainly make sure it is part of the curriculum of all professionals under my wing.

We are now on a continuous journey of develoment on the site.

I hope you enjoy the site and bring this to the notice of your colleagues.



Your Founder

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