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Date: 3rd March 2011

The headlines are full of stories about organizations that have somehow compromised the security of the information used in their business operations. Naturally, you wonder if your contact center is at risk of being hit as a disturbing fact emerges. It is not attacks from outside hackers that are the biggest technology security concern today, rather the risk comes from the actions of your employees – both intentional and inadvertent.

Failing to properly secure the information in your contact center creates the risk of experiencing significant negative consequences. These may include lost revenue opportunities, legal penalties for non-compliance or a negative reflection on your management ability.

With all that is at stake, what should you do to mitigate this risk in your contact center operation? While no system is 100 percent reliable, the SANS Institute recommends implementing five layers of technology
protection to ensure the maximum possible level of data security. Proper operational procedures can also help manage your risk of data loss due to theft or carelessness. To determine what changes, if any, are required in your operational practices, you need to explore questions regarding your technology infrastructure, employment practices and information handling guidelines. You can then use this information to create comprehensive operational and information handling guidelines to greatly minimize your risk exposure.

Companies from every vertical industry are becoming more aware of the need to carefully monitor information security levels and so security scans and audits are becoming a regular practice. Intended to identify all possible risks within a specific software application, scans and audits are a critical, unbiased way to help you determine whether or not your technology solutions meet industry standards for secure system and information management and to what extent changes need to be made to secure your environment. Working closely with your technology vendors, the goal of the information security audit is a simple one – to ensure you achieve the highest level of security available working within the framework of your business environment.

With careful preparation and ongoing evaluation, you can keep your contact center out of the information security headlines.


Failing to properly secure the information in your contact center exposes you to potentially significant negative consequences. These may include lost revenue opportunities as your operation halts while trying to determine how a security breach occurred and how much information was taken, legal punishment if the loss is due to
failure to comply with industry regulations (e.g., Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act (1998), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) (1999), Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA) (2003)) and a negative reflection on your management ability if the appropriate preventive measures were not in place.

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