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Author: Aspect Software

Date: 16th March 2013

A workforce optimisation solution that ensures consistently exceptional customer experiences

Today’s consumers – Consumer 2.0 – are hyper-connected and surrounded by sophisticated communications technology that provides a user experience that makes today’s customer contact experience seem antiquated. And yet, your success depends on your ability to find and engage this new consumer, and stay in the conversation, even as your customers take control of it.

Doing business in this new paradigm requires a change in mindset. This new consumer expects to get the right information from a knowledgeable source...right now. And with the rise of social media, information can spread like wildfire, causing rapid changes in demand levels. On an hour-to-hour basis, you may discover that you have too many agents scheduled or you don’t have enough agents with the right skills or access to subject matter experts. This can lead to higher expenses and increasingly unhappy customers. It’s important to know which agents are delivering the best results and why you can better structure your review and coaching activities. And, when customer complaints are on the rise, you not only need to access direct information from contacts to understand why, you need to be able to see and respond to sentiment shifts in social spaces.

What’s more, greater demands for “first and done” service are challenging your organisation to leverage resources across your enterprise or even your partner community, while maintaining service levels and agent productivity. And, as your organisation explores new ways to institutionalise social communications, it will increasingly look to your customer contact professionals to bring discipline and control to the process.

Productive Workforce delivers a new way to manage Consumer 2.0 expectations, enabling you to reduce your cost per customer interaction and improve your customers’ experiences. Productive Workforce is a workforce optimisation solution that is fully integrated with Aspect’s Interaction Management platform, and also supports virtually any interaction management environment. It fully leverages Enterprise 2.0 technologies, like unified communications and collaboration, to seamlessly connect contact centre agents, back office professionals and enterprise knowledge workers across virtually any communications channel to enable collaboration. Productive Workforce unites workforce management, performance management, and quality management capabilities, enabling you to deliver a new and better way to allocate resources, track performance and ensure quality interactions.

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