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Do you want to become part of the worlds finest call centre resource and have material added to the call centre encyclopedia? 

Do you have good quality material, best practice, humour, photographs or articles you would like to share? Would you like to contribute to a feature when we seeking expert opinion?

You can join our list of distinguished authors and have your name included in the CCa2z author list.

CCa2z will be an on-line experience, an encyclopedia for call centre operations, covering every branch of operations and will be the Britannica for call centres.

CCa2z will provide everything for call centres, a knowledge bank of information and toolkits.  The information will be collated in relational databases by subjects within categories. Which means users will be offered relational subjects within a category – they will also be offered relational categories to further widen their search.

Key elements of our design are the resources available for each subject:

  • Knowledge Bank
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • News
  • Toolkits (spread-sheets, charts and templates)
  • Suppliers (call centre supply chain)

You can use the submit-material link to submit your file.

View our distinguished Authors here.

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