About Call Centre a2z

About Call Centre a2z (CCa2z)

Our Mission

What is the Call Centre encyclopedia?

CCa2z really is Relational

How does the encyclopedia Work?

Why Market with Us

About Call Centre a2z (CCa2z)

Whether you term yourself a call centre, contact centre, customer service centre, relationship or multi-media centre or anything else for that matter, or even depending where you are domiciled, and spell it ‘center’ or ‘centre’, Call Centre a2z is for you.

This is the site dedicated to everything call centres and customer service and will support you with your drive for operational excellence. The site covers operational effectiveness for front-office and back-office.

The home for call centres, everything you will ever need to implement, develop, improve, lead, support and consult in call centres.

Developed by award winning call centre executives to bring you a knowledge bank of information and toolkit resources, for you to download and use in their original format, MS Word, Excel and more - view more.

Ever needed a ready-made solution, needed quick wins and quick results or ever moved company and wish you had brought this & that along with you? Well CCa2z is just for you, designed by call centre experts, for you, the call centre profession - why reinvent the wheel?

CCa2z also recognises that the phenomenal growth in the call centre sector across the globe has created its own skills shortage.

CCa2z was designed in response to a global thirst for knowledge, information and resources within the call centre profession.

Our Mission

Our mission is quite simple:

  • To establish CCa2z as the first choice portal for call centre professionals across the globe.

To achieve this:

  • We will have an unflagging dedication in providing resource content required by the mass market.
  • To link users with not only articles and information (traditional model) but tools and resources, to enable them to maximise the efficiency of their call centre operation.

We will be the Britannica, the Google for call centres – the education point for operational excellence.

What is the Call Centre encyclopedia?

An encyclopedia is a book of information on all subjects, or on every branch of a subject, usually arranged alphabetically. CCa2z will be an online encyclopedia on every branch of call centres arranged in alphabetical order.

CCa2z really is Relational

The CCa2z design is based upon relational databases this means, to some extent, CCa2z does the thinking for you and attempts to anticipate your needs. If you are searching for a subject, CCa2z will offer you relational-subjects listed within a category.

A search for the subject, Average Response Time in addition to that subject, will offer you a list of relational-subjects (Abandoned Calls, All Lines Busy, Queues, Repeat Call Analysis, Service Level, Trunks / Lines) under the category, Service Level.

You will also be offered relational-categories of subjects – in this case, the categories – Call Centre Calculators, Forecasting Calls, Resource Planning & Technology.

How Does the Encyclopedia Work?

Take a look at the instructions we've put together for you explaining the way that CCa2z works: Click here to view.

Why Market with Us?

CCa2z will be the:

  • Education point for key influencers of today and tomorrow, and the
  • Reference point for key decision makers.

We believe our USPs are clear:

  • To provide unique toolkit resource content to attract and retain a revisiting audience.
  • To develop an online learning experience with our unique encyclopedia of content, covering every branch of call centres.

We believe certain key players in the call centre supply chain can complement our portfolio of resources. Key elements of our design are the resources available for each subject:

  • Knowledge Bank
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • News
  • Toolkits (spread sheets, charts and templates)
  • Suppliers (call centre supply chain)

Site users will want options and choices whether to undertake a service activity in-house or bring in a service provider. When they are researching technology articles in knowledge bank they will need to know who the key suppliers are.

We are of the firm belief that CCa2z will become an integral part of your marketing mix.

Directory - Join the Suppliers directory listing and association with subject resource when the subject is selected – free of charge to suppliers.

Advertising - Banners are available which will be displayed, on every subject and page of the encyclopedia.

Sponsorship - Is available for encyclopedia Categories, with banner being displayed on every subject page of the category subject.


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