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Culture is this thing - this intangible cloud - which influences the way we do things. It influences how we behave personally and how we treat othe… View

The Most Pressing Managerial Issues

According to the Merchants International Benchmarking Report, the top 10 most pressing managerial issues for call centre managers are, in rank orde… View

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Benefits Survey 2011

Cactus Search Benefits survey View

Call Centre - Driving Customer Satisfaction - JD Power

View the White Paper presentation below; … View

First Call Resolution (FCR) Knowledge Exchange: Panviva

Call centres are much maligned by the public, and those of us involved in running them may feel that this is unfair. However, I’m sure we can… View

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First Call Resolution (FCR): Customer Relationship Metrics

Post call IVR surveys are now growing in importance in improving the customer experience and right first time approache sin contact centres. Se… View

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UK Businesses Lose £12 billion a Year Through Poor Customer Experience

New research from cloud contact centre vendor NewVoiceMedia reveals that UK companies deemed to have poor customer service are losing approximately… View

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