Salary Survey 2012

Date: 24th June 2013

The 2012 edition of the Salary Survey has yielded some very interesting results, given the turbulent economy, job losses and budget cuts that have had an impact across the globe.

It comes after the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings from the Office of National Statistics showed that the average gross salary for full-time employees had increased by 1.4% over the last year. However, with CPI inflation above 5%, this represents a fall of over 3% in real terms.

In the call centre industry, however, the rate of improvement is higher, with the national average growth at around 6.72%. Taking inflation into account, this means a representative improvement of 1.72% for those working in contact centre management and specialist roles in the UK. While there have been cuts and job losses in the industry itself, this growth shows a ‘vote of confidence’ in UK business, following the return of many companies who had previously offshored their contact centre operations.

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Read the full report below.

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