Five Ways to Optimise Your Workforce for Customer Contact in the Social Media Market Place: Aspect Software

Author: Aspect Software

Date: 31st July 2013

How do organisations compete in the social media saturated, mobile marketplace? The challenge is to interact with customers more flexibly and efficiently while still delighting them with a consistent quality experience. This is no easy task when customers control the conversation, and are more demanding, more vocal, and less tolerant than ever before. Contact centres must be prepared to adapt and respond to today’s customers and meet their demands, or risk losing them forever.

A holistic customer contact solution that informs customer interaction management with workforce optimisation (WFO) enables organisations to step up to this challenge. WFO encompasses technologies and business practices that focus enterprise resources and efforts on customer contact. Organisations rely on WFO to plan, execute, measure and continuously improve customer engagement regardless of where or how customer interactions are done.

Aspect Software

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