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Conversion Rate

A conversion rate can take many forms and measures the success, where the agent has to deliver an outcome from a call. An outcome can be any nu… View

Cross Sell

Cross selling occurs, where a telesales agent takes advantage of a sales situation to promote other complimenatry products or services. A calle… View

Decision Maker Contact (DMC) or Right-Party Contact (RPC)

Decision Maker Contact (DMC) is a phrase used in outbound telemarketing. A decision maker is the account holder, the person who the company con… View

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Performance Optimisation: Aspect Software

If your operations are comparable to those of the typical multi-channel contact center, you’re currently spending 60 to 70 percent of your bu… View

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Building Rapport - Training Module (Free Toolkit)

A toolkit developed to build rapport View

Call Monitoring Form - Outbound Sales 1 (Criteria)

Call Monitoring form for outbound telesales - weighted criteria … View

Call Monitoring Form - Outbound Sales 1 (Feedback)

Quality monitoring advisor feedback form for outbound sales … View

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