Abandoned Calls

Abandoned Calls

Abandoned Calls is in the Service Levels category. - View all

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A Suite of Metrics

Some call centres believe they can select metrics off different 'shelves' - company y decides on the following selection: Service L… View

Abandon Call Threshold

An abandoned call threshold is a time which can be set in the ACD. The effect of this is that the abandoned calls which occur within the 'thres… View

Abandoned Calls

Also known as Lost calls View

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Clients Guide to Outsourcing (DMA)

In recent years, the UK’s telemarketing industry has been asking whether it has a future. Industry telemarketing practice has been variable a… View

Telephony ACD Reporting Measures & KPIs

Provides an overview of key telephony reporting measures View

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Balanced Scorecard of KPIs & Objectives (All Levels)

Balanced Scorecard indicating performance targets for all levels of staff. Including Timeliness & Quality on one sheet for objectives … View

CC Calculators - Erlang Calculator

For given service level and call variables, calculates - Agents, trunks, service level, percent queues, percent abandoned, utilisation, ASA. … View

Daily & Cumulative Trend Volumes & SL

Track daily volumes, calls received, abandoned, service level and Avg Response Times. This also provides charts showing daily versus cumulative tre… View

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