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Author: Aspect Software

Date: 16th March 2012

The sophisticated communications technologies that surround today’s hyper-connected consumers provide a user experience that makes traditional contact processes seem antiquated. And the harsh truth about this new reality is that improving collection outcomes depends on finding and engaging an increasing number of debtors who tend to use voice as their channel of last resort.

Unified Outreach enhances early-stage contact, improves past-due account targeting strategies to reduce delinquencies and write-offs and provides you with a new way to streamline, bolster and automate your collections process. Enterprise 2.0 technologies like unified communications and collaboration are fully leveraged to seamlessly connect agents, debtors and knowledge workers through virtually any communications channel. By uniting outbound dialling, voice self-service and advanced list management capabilities, this next-generation interaction management application helps reduce your cost per collected dollar.

Workflows synchronise intraday tasks to reduce idle time, leading to increased collection results without additional staff. And whether your collections centre is centralised or distributed, Unified Outreach helps your managers and supervisors simplify training and reduce associated costs.

Optimise Collections Strategies and Operations

Disparate legacy tools for campaign management make it difficult to analyse available information, including contact demographic data, account histories, delinquency levels and credit and risk scores. It’s equally challenging to proactively contact debtors at the right times through the most appropriate channels with systems that impede your ability to secure payments or payment promises.

Unified OutreachTM unites outbound dialling, voice self-service and advanced list management capabilities to reduce your cost per collected dollar and increase debt recovery. Its unified architecture ends the tyranny of computer telephony integration (CTI) to simplify management and reduce integration costs.

Capabilities include:

Voice Portal – deliver voice self-service to your customers, either premise-based or hosted, by leveraging VoiceXM-based speech applications. When a debtor chooses to speak with a representative in response to a system prompt, the information gathered during the self-service session is made available to your collector, speeding the collection process. Self-service callers are managed though tools that visually script and monitor the interaction using standards-based speech or touch tone.

Outbound Dialling – leverage the capabilities needed to make your collection strategies successful:

  • Multiple dialling options - choose from predictive, precision, preview, blaster, manual, agent-less and goal-based quota control
  • Advanced List Management – leverage powerful outbound campaign and list management capabilities that bolster collection strategies
  • Industry-leading answering machine detection – benefit from up to 95 percent answering machine detection accuracy, including compliance
  • Outbound speech-enabled voice portal - automate contact for collection agents, emergency messaging and proactive customer service

Ask an Expert/Enterprise Search (optional) – use presence to ensure your agents are finding the right experts with the right capabilities to increase promises to pay. Enabled by unified communications and collaboration technology, this capability allows agents to consult with enterprise experts on the resolution of debtor objections or solicit peer and supervisor input - during a customer interaction.

Unified Administration – leverage centralised, dynamic provisioning capabilities that enable you to make real-time changes to agent and system settings as you manage collection operations, without stopping and starting systems, campaigns or services.

Unified Reporting – deliver end-to-end real-time and historical views of your contact centre performance without time-consuming data and reporting integration from multiple point solutions. With unified reporting, managers can:

  •  View agent productivity and performance statistics
  •  Generate reports on operational metrics
  •  Gauge outbound and workflow statistics
  •  Receive standard reports that reveal service and campaign performance
  •  Generate enterprise reports across multiple systems
  •  Customise and save reports in an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database that enables multi-dimensional analysis of business data

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