Call Forecasting 3 - Weekly Profile

Author: CCa2z

Date: 21st February 2013

Weekly Calls

Having considered the annual and monthly view, the next volume period to consider is weekly.  In all periods, calls offered and actually handled will be viewed, as this is a clear indication of the adequacy of resourcing levels.  The weekly line-graph, below, is a rolling-year, which covers current week and previous 51 weeks.  This will provide a good indication for future forecasts including seasonal trends.

It is possible to schedule a period report for the complete week from the reporting database.  Alternatively, this will be built up daily, during the course of the week from daily ACD scheduled reports.

Again, it is a preference to choose a line-graph or bar chart.

Full Year Weekly Bar Chart

Call Forecasting 2 - Monthly Profile

Call Forecasting 4 - Daily Profile

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