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Cross Sell

Cross selling occurs, where a telesales agent takes advantage of a sales situation to promote other complimenatry products or services. A calle… View

Decision Maker Contact (DMC) or Right-Party Contact (RPC)

Decision Maker Contact (DMC) is a phrase used in outbound telemarketing. A decision maker is the account holder, the person who the company con… View


Outbound dialling systems are typically used where high volumes of quick turnover outbound calls are required, such as when running outbound telema… View

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Contact Centre Performance Optimisation for Outbound Collections and Telemarketing: Aspect Software

All contact centers face a common and continual challenge – how to best maximize staff performance without needing to add headcount when call… View

Performance Optimisation: Aspect Software

If your operations are comparable to those of the typical multi-channel contact center, you’re currently spending 60 to 70 percent of your bu… View

The Ultimate Telemarketing Guide

A telemarketing guide with helpful hints View

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Call Monitoring Form - Outbound Sales 1 (Criteria)

Call Monitoring form for outbound telesales - weighted criteria … View

Call Monitoring Form - Outbound Sales 1 (Feedback)

Quality monitoring advisor feedback form for outbound sales … View

Call Monitoring Form - Outbound Sales 1 (Scores)

Quality Monitoring form score sheet for outbound sales … View

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Nuisance Call Action Plan Launched

The first comprehensive and co-ordinated effort to tackle nuisance calls has been unveiled today by Culture Secretary Maria Miller. The Nuisanc… View

Government Cracks Down on Nuisance Calling Companies

Government makes it easier for companies making unwanted marketing calls and texts to be hit with fines of up to £500,000 Consumers plagu… View

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