Seven Things to Consider When Developing a Unified Communications Strategy: Aspect Software

Author: Aspect Software

Date: 31st July 2013

To boost competitiveness and improve business performance in today’s global environment, more and more enterprises are turning to Unified Communications (UC), which helps companies increase revenues, reduce costs, and enhance customer relationships.

A lot has been written and discussed about UC in the past few years, and there is still much confusion about what UC is – but there is no question that UC technologies and solutions are helping workers be more productive, responsive, effective, and efficient. There’s been considerable hype as of late about what UC is and isn’t, but what’s most important and should take center stage is what UC can do for companies – its impact on the business processes and the business itself.

Is unified communications about providing the ability to access a variety of communication modes from a single interface, or is it about reducing human latency via business process integration? The answer, of course, is both. UC goes beyond the simple unification of communication modes to the integration with presence capabilities, providing context about the users, as well as integration with business processes and applications.

What makes UC attractive is that it enhances communications both inside and outside of the enterprise. Whether through the basic “click to call” application, or more advanced business process integration, workers can better communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers, regardless of location or media channel. This paper outlines the 7 things organizations should consider as they begin to develop a unified communications strategy.

  1. A Cornucopia of Components - Understand the various elements that UC encompasses
  2. Impacting the End User and the Business - UC can positively change the end-user and the business experience, ultimately bringing about total enterprise transformation
  3. Under the UC Umbrella – How end-users leverage communications tools now and in the future
  4. It’s All about the Business Process - Benefits organizations can realize from incorporating communications into business processes
  5. UC and the Contact Center - Where does the contact center fit in your UC strategy and deployment? How can it impact they way you interact with customers?
  6. ROI Impact – Assess your potential ROI to make the right business case for a UC deployment
  7. Paths to Unified Communications - The path to UC can take a logical phased approach which makes the deployment less problematic and can yield positive benefits during each step of the process

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