Salary Survey 2013

Date: 24th June 2013

This is now the third edition of the Salary Survey, produced in association with Call Centre Helper. With two earlier editions under the belt, it’s exciting for all of us here at Cactus to know that our survey has become a key industry benchmark in the UK.

For readers new and old, this survey is a comprehensive benchmarking guide to salaries in every key role, in every sector – along with the analysis of salary and industry levels in call and contact centres across the UK.

It’s been another year of continued growth for the industry, with salaries continuing to rise either in line with, or above, the national rate of growth. According to research by Mercer, UK salaries are predicted to show growth of 3% in 2013 - yet salaries in the contact centre industry have risen on an average of 4.5%.

This shows that, once again, salaries in management and specialist positions are continuing to outpace the rate of inflation, which in December 2012 had seen an annual rise of 2.7% - meaning that it continues to be a thriving sector despite the projected triple-dip recession that is still taking place across Europe.

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