RightNow CX Cloud Service: Oracle

Author: Oracle

Date: 1st April 2012

This best practice guide addresses one of the key performance metrics in the contact center, first-contact resolution (FCR). It is important to note that the guide expands the scope from what is commonly regarded as FCR to cover all contacts, regardless of channel. It begins by defining FCR and providing industry statistics from a few expert sources - ncluding the average FCR achieved by customers using RightNow CX (now known as Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service) in 2009. In addition, it provides insight into the various methods companies use to measure FCR.

When clients map application functionality to satisfy their business requirements - which will enable them to achieve the desired results with Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service - the subject of FCR as a metric for success comes up with increasing frequency. Among all success metrics, this one in particular generates provocative discussions on how to measure it and ways to improve it, primarily because so many other metrics are affected by and have an impact on FCR. Based on client discussions and collective experience, FCR is one of the most critical key performance indicators (KPIs) for the quality of the customer experience as well as an organization’s overall operational efficiency. This guide digs into the causes and effects that have an impact on this metric as well as sharing insights from other industry experts.

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