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Author: Aspect Software

Date: 16th March 2011

Today’s consumers – Consumer 2.0 – are hyper-connected and surrounded by sophisticated communications technology that provides a user experience that makes today’s contact processes seem antiquated. And yet, your success depends on your ability find and engage this new consumer, who may very well use voice as their channel of last resort.

Optimized Collections delivers a new way to improve collections processes by allocating resources, tracking performance and applying the most effective contact strategies at the best times. Optimized Collections is a next-generation customer contact application that fully leverages Enterprise 2.0 technologies like unified communications and collaboration to seamlessly connect collections agents, debtors and enterprise knowledge workers through virtually any communications channel. Optimized Collections unites campaign management, workforce management, and performance management to reduce your cost¬per-collected dollar, while increasing productivity and maximising agent resources.

Whether your collections centre is centralised or distributed, Optimized Collections can help you reduce costs and legal risks, simplify training, and increase productivity by synchronising workflows with intraday tasks to reduce idle time and increase collections results without additional staff.

Increase Collections by Improving Right Party Contact Efficiency

Legacy campaign management tools make it difficult for you to proactively contact your customers at the right time via the most appropriate channels while delivering a consistent and proactive customer experience. As a result, they impede your collections centre’s ability to secure payments or payment promises.
Optimized CollectionsTM provides a centralised, fully integrated data warehouse and records distribution engine for
creating and executing sophisticated contact strategies and lists. It is guided by real-time business intelligence that can dynamically build high-yield campaigns using disparate host data, customer interaction history and complex business rules. Optimized Collections enables you to supplant traditional architectures, simplify management and reduce integration costs.

Capabilities include:

Best Time to Call - enables you to initiate phone calls to debtors at the times and places they are most likely to be reached. This improves your contact efficiency by increasing right party contacts and focusing your calling efforts on the highest risk accounts.

Patented algorithms - tracks call result history over time, giving you the information you need to predict the best phone number and hour of day to place calls.
Ask an Expert/Enterprise Search – allows you to resolve customer issues through Microsoft Lync with presence-enabled inclusion of enterprise experts, as well as leverage the information available in Microsoft SharePoint to ensure your agents are finding the right experts with the right capabilities to deliver first call resolution.

Optimized Collections creates an optimised calling strategy based on campaign objectives that you prioritise by your defined criteria. In the end, Optimized Collections means fewer call attempts
and improved campaign results, which translates into lower telecommunications charges, increased revenue opportunities and higher collections yield.

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