Call Forecasting 6 - Call Profiles as Percentages

Author: CCa2z

Date: 3rd March 2013

Call Volumes as Percentages

Call volumes as percentages are important for day and intra-day time segments.  The reason why this has so much importance is that once reliable percentages have been established they can be applied to any volume of calls to produce a forecast.

To achieve this we would firstly establish good call volume averages for;

  • Each day of the week
  • Each 30-minute intra-day time segment

Once these have been established, the volume can be reflected as a percentage for the given period.

The chart, below, displays the percentage of calls received for each day for the month of June.  This means that in the month of June;

  • Monday represented 19.7% of the week’s calls
  • Sunday represented 6.3% of the week’s calls

Daily Call Flow Percentages - June Bar Chart

This will greatly assist with resourcing hours required on a daily basis for forecasted call volumes.

The chart, below, compares the daily variation month-on-month for a quarter, whereas the chart above, covered the month of June.  The variations across months should be understood and explained.

Daily Call Flow Percentages - April - June Graph

In this chart, variations represent Public holidays on Mondays in May and Easter holidays in April.

Having already established the daily call volume percentage for each day of the week, the next step is to establish call volume percentages for each intra-day time segment of the day.  The chart, below, displays the 30-minute intra-day time segment for a Monday, for each month in the quarter. 

Monday Call flow Percentages - By Time Segment Graph

This can be repeated for each day of the week to establish intra-day time segments. 

The chart, below, displays a 3-month average for each intra-day time segment for each day of the week.

Daily Call Flow By Time Segment Graph

To summarise, if we establish that Monday represents 20% of the full weeks calls then we can apply this to any given volume of calls to create a forecast.

Call Forecasting 5 - Intr-Day Profile

Call Forecasting 7 - Forecasting with Percentages


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