Books: Full Contact: Greg Levin

Author: Greg Levin

Date: 1st August 2013

Greg Levin's highly informative and entertaining book is now available for purchase - select the book image now to buy it;

As Greg puts it, If you want to know how to run an effective contact center, DON'T BUY THIS BOOK...

...however, if you want to know how to truly captivate customers, engage agents and elevate the enterprise – and laugh out loud along the way – you’re going to want to purchase a copy.

• Find out what the top 9 “must-have” metrics are, how best to measure them, and how to establish and achieve your
objectives for each.
• Gain insight into the art of workforce management, and why you shouldn’t giggle when you hear the term “shrinkage”.
• Get innovative recruiting tips to attract candidates who possess much more than just a pulse.
• Learn why “quality monitoring” is a misnomer, and why your customers should be helping to coach your agents.
• Find out how to master the email and chat channels despite having semi-illiterate agents.
• See how to develop self-service apps that don’t self-destruct.
• Develop a solid Social Customer Care strategy that ensures your organization won't be ruined on Twitter or Facebook.
• Discover why you should kick many of your best employees out of the contact center.

And that’s just a fraction of what fills the pages of Full Contact. Renowned contact center expert and humorist, Greg Levin, has packed his book with 145 pages of proven practices, tactics and strategies – all of which he has seen drive success in world-class customer care organizations during his nearly two decades as a writer and researcher in the industry. Each information-packed chapter contains mini-case studies and examples of real-life contact centers that have embraced the best practices covered. In addition, the Appendix features valuable supporting articles and other materials, such as a sample quality monitoring form, C-Sat survey questionnaire and employee telecommuting agreement.


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