First Contact Resolution (FCR): Agent Perspective - Internal Resolved

Author: Prit Ahluwalia: Call Centre a2z

Date: 19th July 2013

First Call Resolution (FCR) can be seen from both the customer and agent perspective. With this in mind, it is usual to adopt two measures; both an external and an internal one and these should be time-based with a rolling reporting window until any fulfillment process is completed.

Internal Perspective (Agent Resolved)

The Internal Perspective or Agent Resolved is a different First Contact Resolution (FCR) measure than the External Perspective or Customer Resolved.

The Agent Resolved relies on the agent doing everything possible to complete the enquiry accurately and first time. If this is the case, this will be considered to be an Agent Resolved FCR. In such circumstances, the enquiry may not be Customer Resolved and hence, two measures are required.

Instances where the enquiry is Agent Resolved but not Customer Resolved could be any of the following;

  • Misdirected call or incorrect IVR selection - agent resolved / enquiry open.
  • The agent fulfils their prescribed duty but the rest of the process is a time-based fulfilment.

Such instances shouldn't be held against the receiving agent and will be allowed for within tolerance levels.

If the agent answers the call incorrectly routed to him (by transferring it) - the call is opened and closed (agent resolved) but the contact remains open (customer unresolved) - this allows for an accepted agent tolerance level for misdirected calls. Here the agent will have a closed rate - let’s say of 90% (10 contacts out of 100 remain open). Customer Resolved could be 80% (20 contacts out of 100 remain open). Whilst the additional 10 unresolved contacts will not penalise the agent, they will reflect in the customer resolved (90% v 80%).

Instances where the enquiry is neither Agent Resolved nor Customer Resolved could be any of the following;

  • Call escalated by the agent to an expert (SME) or line manager.
  • The enquiry is outside authority or refund limits.
  • Contract cancellations requiring the attention of specialist cancellation teams.
  • It is necessary for the agent to contact any third-party supply chain.
  • The agent encourages the caller to write in or email, to put their enquiry in writing.

There is no right and wrong way to measure this as long as the external perspective is clearly understood and this is not compromised with over emphasis on internal numbers. In the example above, the published FCR rate is 80% (customer perspective - 20% of customer contacts remain outstanding) and not 90% (agent perspective)

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